Full rhinoplasty with cartridge tip graft, or tip rhinoplasty along with cartilage tip graft? (Photo)

I attended a surgeon who advised that I may be best having a simple tip rhinoplasty with a tip graft as my main concern is how wide my nose is at the end (and spreads when I smile). He suggested nipping in and pulling up because my nose droops down when I smile. He said open method would be best with some Botox either side to stop the muscles pulling the nose out across my face. The bridge is straight and I have an excellent profile which he commented on. Will I also need to narrow the bridge?

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Bulbous tip

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You have a moderately bulbous tip that would benefit from tip refinement.  Depending on the projection from the side view, a graft can also help.  I generally agree with his recommendations.  Your bridge does not look wide from the photos so osteotomies may not be necessary. 

Full rhinoplasty or tip rhinoplasty

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Thanks for the querry

I tend to think of the nose in three dimensions. That is, that a change in one dimension will need to be balenced by a change in another dimension, or it will loose the natural balence that you are seeking.

For that reason I suggest a rhinoplasty that addresses all of your concerns is the right one for you. If the bridge is wide narrow it with boney osteotomy, ie full rhinoplasty.

Think of the nose in three dimensions and as an entire unit and the way forward will become clearer.

I hope that helps and all the best

Jeremy Hunt 

Full rhinoplasty or tip rhinoplasty needed

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Hi. The answer to whether you need a full or tip rhinoplasty depends on whether you think the middle of your nose is too wide. From the photo it looks quite wide, and to make your new nose in proportion I think it would be better to narrow the bones ie a full rhinoplasty. Otherwise once the tip is reduced you may then think the middle part of your nose is too wide. All the best with your decision. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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