When Do You See Full Results from Mullerectomy?

I had a mullerectomy to correct a subtle ptosis done last week and am approaching my suture removal. Doc said he removed 9mm of muscle. I don't see a big difference and am still under-corrected. I'm wondering if the sutures/scar contraction is expected to cause a bit more lift? Or are the results a few days out what the final result will be?

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This is a highly predictable surgery.

However, you still need to heal.  I find that until the suture is removed at about a week, swelling in the eyelid frequently is retained and this weighs the upper eyelid down.  Once the suture is removed, the swelling tends to disappear and this helps with the upper eyelid position.  If you responded well to the neosynepherine test in the clinic prior to surgery, I would be patient.  It may take several weeks for the swelling to resolve and allow you to realize the benefit of this surgery.

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