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I had left eyelid ptsosis repair surgery two weeks ago. The pain and bruising are gone, and the swelling has appeared (to me) to have subsided. However, my eyelid is still droopy! It has also taken on a weird shape, looking higher in the center of my eye, but still very droopy (maybe even more than before) towards the inside corner. I've taken pix to document recovery and it still looks droopy as ever! Is this normal? When can I expect it to look normal again? Did the surgery work?

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Still early...but

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Swelling and scarring can take a few weeks to months to resolve, so you still have time for improvement.

What you are describing [contour irregularity of the eyelid] may be something that your surgeon may want to take a look at and decide whether early revision might be necessary. I would schedule another visit with him/her.

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