Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost on Chipped and Discolored Teeth?

What is the average cost of a full mouth reconstruction for fixing several chipped teeth and having whitening done? What are the two best options for fixing the teeth, and average cost? What are the two best options for whitening, and average cost?

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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full mouth reconstructions are usually for patients either desiring a complete dental makeover or patients having a great deal of broken or wore down teeth.  A full mouth reconstructican be very costly. USually when a patient has a complete reahbilitaion, whitening is not needed.  The procedure usually incudes every tooth and is comprised of crowns and/or veneers.  At Ponte Vedra Dental, we perform thi sprocedure routinely.  Nto just any dentist can do this type of procedure. It takes a very high level of training and expertise. to do a full mouth rehabilitation.  Cost usually ranges from $35,000 up to $70,000 depending on other needs such as implants, root canals, and gum or bone surgeries.  I must admit, th efinal results are absolutely amazing.  The teeth can ben as white as a patient desire.  The design of the teeth including the shade are always determined prior to any treatment.  Photos attached show the differences in the before and after changes.

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