Can a Full Mouth Reconstruction Correct Crooked Chipped Front Teeth?

What about cracked molars? How long will this reconstruction take, and how much pain is normally involved?

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Step By Step!

You might be saying a lot in your short question!  Painful molars must always be dealt with first - then the next step is to figure out why they got sore in the first place.  You may need a full mouth reconstruction but fixing the crooked front teeth should be one feature of that very carefully planned treatment, not the main reason for it.

The actual reconstruction can take from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on how you and your dentist and the lab artist choose to make it happen.  Often, it doesn't much matter how long it takes as long as it is planned well - you can do it little by little or all at once.

Dental treatment is rarely painful while it's happening, but like any surgical procedure, you can expect a little bit of recovery time, controlled by simple medicines like ibuprofen.

Good luck!  Make sure you and your dentist have thought this through very well before you begin!

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