Full Healing Time After Facelift

It has been six weeks since my facelift and fat transfer. I have some lumps/bumps in my lower cheeks where fat was deposited, and my neck is still bumpy, too. What is most concerning me is that on the right side I have a "joker line"... sort of a tight tug. I used a very well-known board-certified cosmetic surgeon... is this common at 6 weeks... and will it relax and look less surgery-like as time goes on. I'm 53, and never had any facial surgery before. I feel like I look "worked-on."

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Healing after Facelift

I understand your concerns, but you are only 6 weeks after surgery. This will improve. Massage and ultrasound treatments may accelerate the healing process. Follow the advice of your surgeon.

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Post Operative Recovery After a Facelift

In general, healing after a facelift requires 2 weeks unless you have other procedures done including a TCA peel or laser which can add  an additional week. In general, my patients can be back to work in 10-14 days. This is something that needs to be discussed pre-operatively with the and not post operatively.

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6 weeks after facelift

Six weeks after facelift is a bit early to get too worried.  The lumps may be fat injection or fluid, the "joker line" may be from the pull. You should ask your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Facelift result is visible at six weeks.


Of course sit tight and be optimistic.  Your facelift result will change slightly over the next three months.  But what you describe may leave you with an unsatisfactory result.  If so, it can almost certainly be improved with a revision.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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