Would You Consider This More of a Full Abdominoplasty? Would the Reults Resemble an Abdominoplasty if Performed As Described?

I was referred to a General Surgeon for a large umbilical hernia,and diastasis.When I asked him to describe how the hernia would be repaired,he said,"I am going to make an incision near the pubic bone, peel the skin upwards,repair the hernia without mesh if possible,sew the muscles back together,insert drains, then finish with a kind of "mini-tuck" of the loose additional skin at the bottom." Would you consider more of a tummy tuck? Will the results of this "hernia repair" resemble a tummy tuck?

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It sounds like he has a sort of "tummy tuck approach," but how exactly you will look will vary. Tummy tuck operations vary between plastic surgeon and your surgeon isn't one. To expect a tummy tuck quality result is probably not fair.


Abdominoplasty surgery varies by extent and degree. A general surgeon's tummy tuck result might not be gorgeous, but take into account that general surgeons train to fix hernias not perform abdominoplasty surgery.


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John Di Saia MD

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Tummy Tuck or Hernia Repair?

This is an interesting question.  First of all, it is important to determine the size of your hernia.  If it is small then a  plastic surgeon can repair it with a true tummy tuck.  If it is large than you might need to have a general surgeon place mesh into the defect for a better long term solution.  A true tummy tuck tightens the muscle from the pubis to the xiphoid and removes skin in a manner that is appropriately tight and aesthetic.  Most general surgeons do not wish to take on the additional risks of this procedure when repairing an umbilical hernia.  Plastic surgeons are trained in aesthetics.  The incision needs to be properly placed, the umbilicus needs to be contoured to make it attractive and the skin needs to be removed in a manner that tightens the skin without excessive tension.  I would  get a second opinion from a plastic surgeon.

Elizabeth S. Harris, MD
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This sounds like a full abdominoplasty procedure with hernia repair, completely performed by a General surgeon.

Usually the abdominoplasty part is performed by a Board certified Plastic surgeon.

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Dana Khuthaila, MD, FACS
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What type of surgeon is best to do Tummy Tuck surgery?

Sure sounds like a tummy tuck to me.  This is exactly what I do everyday for women who undergo tummytucks and have hernias. 
As Plastic Surgeons, we train in General Surgery first, then specialize in Plastic Surgery.   So, we are trained in doing both hernia repairs as well as tummy tucks.  General surgeons train in Genereal Surgery and therefore should be good at hernia repairs.  But, I definitely wouldn't choose to go to a General Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck!  It's just common sense!  I wouldn't go to a Neurosurgeon to have liposuction either.  Be careful!!  Just because someone offers to do surgery for you, doesn't mean that they are the best qualified to do it.

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Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Similar to a Modified Tummy Tuck with Umbilical Float

Without pictures, its hard to give a definitive answer, but if the operation is performed as described, you will get many of the components of a tummy tuck. You will get the muscle repair and excision of lower abdominal skin. However, you will need to get the umbilicus fixed back to the abdominal wall in the appropriate position which will limit how much skin can be removed. If you are a candidate for a mini- tummy tuck, this would probably work well. If you have more skin and need a full TT, the result will be suboptimal. Also, is liposuction necessary? I would seek an opinion and exam from a PS in your area. Good Luck

Brian Klink, MD
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon
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Is this hernia repair a tummy tuck?

Well, it certainly sounds like this general surgeon is going to perform a tummy tuck in the process of exposing your henia for repair.  I frequently perform tummy tucks in patients who have hernias, and in those cases i work with a general surgeon who performs the hernia repair.  i expose the abdominal wall fascia for the general surgeon, as I would for the tummy tuck and diastasis recti repair, the general surgeon repairs the hernia with or without mesh as needed, and then I repair the diastasis recti and perform the remainder of the tummy tuck.  In my opinion, plastic surgeons are trained to perform tummy tucks, and although many plastic surgeons have experience in repairing hernias, general surgeons probably do many more hernia repairs.  Over the years I have seen some very interesting and not very good results of tummy tucks performed by general surgeons for which there is no good correction.  Perhaps you are being promised a cheaper fee if the general surgeon performs the tummy tuck.  In any event, you need to ask yourself whether you feel comfortable having a plastic surgical procedure performed by a non-plastic surgeon.

Robert M. Grenley, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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