Had A FTT 18 Days Ago and I Have a Few Yellow Spots Along my Incision Line is This Normal or a Sign of Infection?

I am not flat on my lower tummy like most people and my swelling concentrates on that area also, it feels really hard and i am so scared of staying this way, i feel that i look worse than before....:(

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Incision line infection?

First, don't be scaed. Call your plastic surgeon for any problems and be seen in followup. I would be concerned about the hardness you are describing, if it is of recent onset. Flatness does not occur overnight; you have to give the area a chance to heal. Some patients do develop a seroma, or fluid collection, under the skin, and your doctor should be able to tell you whether you are experiencing normal healing or there is anything which requires treatment.

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Swelling After My Tummy Tuck

It is not unusual to be puffy and swollen at this stage after your tummy tuck.  When your surgeon performs a tummy tuck, the incision divides a large number of the lymphatic channels that drain fluid out of the tissues in the abdomen into the lymph nodes down in the groin area.  Over time, these channels will reconnect and the swelling in the lower abdomen will rapidly resolve.  Still, there are also situations in which a fluid pocket  called a seroma does form under the skin after a tummy tuck and needs to be addressed by your surgeon.  The only way to determine what exactly is occurring in your individual case is to meet with your plastic surgeon who after an examination can determine if your swelling is within the normal limits or something that may require a more aggressive approach.  Please call their office and schedule an appointment.  Best of luck.

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