New All Porcelain Crown Tooth #20 Has Annoying Inside Bulge. Why Not Shaped Like Mirror Image #29 - a Perfect Guide to #20?

I had asked my dentist to consider the mirror image tooth, so he took a full mold of jaw to send to lab. Yet inside of teeth feel is different on left versus right due to bulge of crown. He tried grinding inner side before permanent cement. I could not judge correct amount of grinding. (We had over–ground the temp crown.) Is grinding even correct for inside of Crown (removes smooth surface)? I will replace, even at full price as so annoying. To what extent Dr. should replace at no cost?

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replace it, until you feel comfortable, it does not matter anything, you are the most important in this treatment ,until you like it,and its not so complicated,

Bulky crown

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What probably happened is the dentist did not remove sufficient tooth structure to compensate for crown thickness.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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