Almost 1 Year Post Op Tummy Tuck and Weight Gain Question?

Had TT 10/2012, little lipo in front. Had back surgery 3/13 due to ruptured disc. Leading up to surgery I was totally incapacitated, no gym. Diet horrible 'cause I couldn't even stand to cook. Saw PS at 7 mos post op TT and he was pissed. Saw the BB and said 'well we lost that.' Said even a 10 lb gain is too much. My flanks are now notcieabley fat so I will be having lipo there. Back in gym 6 days a week heavy-diet impeccable,pounds and BF not moving. Frustrated. Am 52. Hormonal maybe??

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Weight gain...

Its perfectly normal to gain some weight after TT, it is not the ideal scenario mind you, it would be a good idea to try to diet and do some non strenuousness exercises to try and burn calories. There are exercises that do not require you to strain yourself. We can do lipo or some corrective prosedure afterwards.

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Almost 1 Year Post Op Tummy Tuck and Weight Gain Question?

Your weight gain appears to account for your fatty areas getting larger. If you diet and lose weight, you can get back what you have lost without surgery. I never get "pissed" when someone gains weight as long as they understand why the areas got bigger. Agian, don't have surgery yet-just try to work it off first.

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Weight gain after an abdominoplasty with liposuction

Anyone can gain weight following an abdominoplasty and your medical condition did not help. Once you are better and able to maintain a healthy lifestyle then additional liposuction may be appropriate.  

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