Can Fsa Be Used for a Person Born with Moderate Asymetrical Breast?

I have had moderate asymetric breast since i was about twelve would my fsa cover a vertical breast lift with no implant just to correct this thanks n advanced

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Breast surgery must reflect correction of a functional problem and be medically necessary.

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While no one can give you a specific answer in this venue, here is some general information that my help.

Insurance companies typically cover conditions that cause a functional problem and are medically necessary.

If a condition causes problems with self-confidence and self-esteem and the surgery is designed to improve appearance, then this is usually considered cosmetic in nature and not covered by insurance.

Each insurance company is different and there are many different insurance plans within each company.

To know the answer for you specifically, see your board-certified plastic surgeon and ask them to submit a claim to your insurance company ahead of time for predetermination and precertification.

I hope this helps.

Breast asymmetry

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If by "fsa" you mean a "flexible savings account" I would recommend you talk to the benefits coordinator of the FSA to find out.  Just like some insurance companies might cover the asymmetry surgery, some FSAs might.  IMHO, you should be able to use the FSA.  Clearly you should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to making a surgical decision like this.  Good luck to you.  Oh, and BTW, you are not alone.  I do a lot of breast asymmetry surgery and they all seem to think they are the only one who has it.  It is more common than you think.

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