Frown.downcurved Lips and Scowl when Not Posing for a Photo. Will a Filler Fix All This?

I am one of those women that have a deep forrow between my eyes. I squint a lot and get mad at my naughty goats a lot. I see photos of my self and fully understand why some people are always asking me if i am mad at them. I have tried creams. I saw no difference except very temporary swelling. Will a real filler fill in between my eyes, and can something be put into my face that will turn my frown into a smile?

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Frown lines Botox works Fillers work

Althouh it is difficult to see your frownlines in the photograph you posted your discription is very good telling us what is the problem. Botox or dysport works great for the frown. It controls the frown muscles and with repeat injectons in 4 - 5 month intervals reverses the deep frown lines. For an immediate releif of the deep lines filler is the best way to goalong with botox.

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Restylane,Juvederm or Radiesse would turn that "sourpus" look into a happy person.

Definitely a filler would fill in the corners of the mouth and between your eyebrows to help you look more pleasant.  Expect  1-2 syringes at $550-650/ syringe to do the job.  You may also need a litte botox or dysport between the eyebrow to help it even more for about $300.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

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