Can a Front Tooth Implant Look As Good As Your Original Tooth. Worried People Will Ask What Happened?

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A dental implant is almost as good as the original tooth

Implant dentistry is a very complex surgical and prosthetic discipline and and can produce amazing results.  But in reality no dental team (surgeon, technician and restorative dentist) can produce what millions of years of biological evolution and adaptation have created.  We can come very close.  Choose your team wisely.  There are hundreds of implants on the market and many protocols and treatment options. Do your homework first.  Some teams can do a great job and match your original teeth very closely. Implants are like teeth they are not teeth:). 

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A Front Dental Implant Can Look As Good As The Original Tooth

Of course, the work, surgery as well as the final restoration, would have to be done by extremely experienced and competent cosmetic dentists that have done many such cases. Ask to look at before/after pictures of their work.


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Can a Front Tooth Implant Look As Good As Your Original Tooth?

Dental implants have allowed people to really replace teeth lost for any number of reasons. They allow reconstruction without having to hang dental work on neighboring teeth, or damaging them in that process.

The results of ANY front tooth crown, but especially one on an implant requires a unique set of skills and systems to avoid the result where someone is staring at your new front tooth wondering what happened to you.

Don't let anyone put the implant in until the cosmetic dentist who will make the crown says it's ok and tells the specialist EXACTLY where the implant needs to be placed.

This is also a time to re-assess the rest of your smile. Is the color white enough? DO you have any minor chips on other front teeth? All of these things should be looked at and addressed from the start with the right plan.

Ask to see before and after photos of other cases like yours to see what sort of results you can expect. Everyone has a different idea of perfection.

There is no reason why a skilled cosmetic dentist can't get you the result you are hoping for.

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