Front Tooth Crown with Braces

My son has a front tooth crown. A few months after he had braces applied to his mouth his crown area became inflammed and our son experienced some pain. Our dentist just replaced his crown and next week we are going back to the Orthodontist to have the braces reapplied. Our question is 'Is it safe to reapply the braces and should the crown itself be excluded from the brace?

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Putting Braces on Previously Traumatized Teeth

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Braces can be attached to any tooth in the mouth: alive or dead, natural or crowned. The teeth will move as long as they are surrounded by a healthy ligament system. Orthodontically moving teeth however, creates inflammation in that ligament system that is responsible for and necessary for tooth movement to occur. If a tooth has been traumatized and crowned, it is even more susceptible to having problems during orthodontic treatment. Most don't, but some do. You can safely re-attach the braces to a tooth with a crown, but you should keep your eye on it and report any signs of infection or color change to your orthodontist. Good luck!

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