Will Medicaid Cover a 5 Year Old Chipped Tooth?

My Front Tooth Was Chipped About 4-5 Years Ago Will Medicaid Cover It still? Did I Wait too Long?

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Will medicaid cover a tooth repair

Medicaid provisions vary from state to state,  therefore one could not specifically answer this question without knowing which state we are talking about.

Repair of a chipped tooth by Medicaid

Rules for coverage under Medicaid dental vary between states.  If the tooth was previously repaired under the Medicaid program, there may be a waiting period before the program will pay to repair it again.  Most programs will provide an initial repair of the tooth regardless of when the damage originated.  It is best to check with your Medicaid dental provider for details on what services are covered and how frequently.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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