My Two Front Teeth (Top Ones) Are Both Dead Should I Get Veneers (Im Only17)

Both teeth have had root canal treatment and have both been capped. The left one is very discoloured and the other fairly loose. My dentist asked if I wanted crowns or veeners. I went with veeners and am now getting them moulded etc tomorrow. However I really do not want to rush into this and am extremely worried.

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Once a tooth is crowned, it always will have a crown and not a porcelain veneer

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If your two front teeth are already crowned, they always will be crowned.  While you are nervous, the odds are that this will be uneventful and go very well!

Simply doing two front teeth will require the color to match the adjacent teeth.  If you desired a whiter color, the other teeth that show in the smile would need to be treated at the same time, usually with porcelain veneers.  Inexperienced dentists will state that you are too young, but that just shows their level of experience.  Well done and conservative veneers can be a fantastic investment.

Smile Improvements for Teeth that have had Root Canals

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Because you already have crowns on your two front teeth, these teeth will have to have crowns again.  It may be a good time to veneer the other teeth in your smile.  When you take this step, make sure your dentist has a lot of experience in smile design.

No get crowns or caps

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If you teeth are dead and have had root canals then they need the strength of the cap or crown. Veneers dont provide that strength because they dont surround the tooth completley...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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