Front Teeth Replacement for mismatching colored crowns?

Hi im arul i got my crown for my front teeth, last month its a zircon crown but to my surprise the shade behaviour is embarassing, in brighter light the shade seems to be matching with the adjacent teeth but when i see in mirror opposite to light it shows dull dirt shade .What would be the reason? Can i remove the crown n go for a new one if so which crown is better that will have same shade under all lightings , before going for shade selection should i clean my teeth??..Please adv, im stressed

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Zirconia Crown

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I would have it removed. For the best esthetic solution, an Empress crown will be better. Zirconia is too opaque. I would recommend you have a cleaning first and pick a shade for your empress crown then. Make sure your teeth are moist when choosing a shade.

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Unhappy with color of crown?

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If the dentist cemented it in it will need to be cut off and remade... You should of seen the appearance of the crown during try in stage and if you liked it signed off normally a dentist has the patient accept or reject the crown before insertion good luck


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