From the Perspective of a Plastic Surgeon, What and Should a Patient Reasonably Expect from Them?

Im getting a brow lift with upper and lower blepharoplasty. Ive had a consult and have scheduled my surgery. At my pre-surgery appointment, what can I expect? Also, after surgery, what is considered reasonable follow up care?

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Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery Expectations

During a consultation, I spend an hour with my patients describing the procedure, answering questions and reviewing before and after photos of previous patients.  My goal is to inform the patient of the best treatment options available to them and to develop a treatment plan that specifically fits their individual needs.  I will thoroughly discuss any risks associated with the procedure and ensure that the patient feels comfortable moving forward.  It is important for the patient to have realistic expectations and for the surgeon and patient to share a common goal.  I will also go over pre-operative and post-operative care.  Patients are always encouraged to call or come back in with any last minute questions or concerns before surgery.  Post operatively, patients are asked to come back several times within the next 3 weeks to ensure proper healing.  I then continue to follow the patient in the months and years ahead.  Good Luck with your surgery!

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Expectations following blepharoplasty surgery

During your consultation and pre-operative exam you should be made aware of any your surgeon's pre and post operative routine as well as reviewing your expectations as far as follow up care.  

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Expectations at pre surgical meeting.

At your consultation, you should have had a full discussion with your surgeon about the planned procedure with the benefits, risks, possible complications and limitations of it.  The pre-surgery meeting is usually for signing the consent forms, clarifying when the patient should arrive, the likely time of surgery and the time the patient will likely be discharged.  How the patient should prepare their skin, when they should stop eating the night before are also covered.  Follow up care differs between different doctors but 1st follow up is usually several days after surgery to care for the sutures and then weekly after until swelling and bruising is resolved.  Your doctor will probably want to see you several months after surgery for final photos as well.

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Browlift consultation

In the preoperative appointment, risks and benefits of surgery are discussed and the consent is usually signed. Ideally, this should happen a few days before surgery, so that the patient has an opportunity to consider questions that may come up. Also, the course of the surgical day is discussed, such as arrival time, surgery duration, and your pickup ride to take you home. Post operative instructions are also give and discussed, often with the post operative appointment. Ideally, you would also have your post op prescriptions given to you so you can fill them out before hand for pain pills etc. This minimizes errands after surgery.

On your postop visit, usually in 1 week, sutures and/or staples are removed and further postop instructions are given for scar massage, and activity levels.

Usually a final followup will be scheduled 3-4 months down the road to assess the final results.

This is all of course if the surgery and recovery is uncomplicated. Complications could increase need for frequent visits.

HOpe this helps.

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Preparation for blepharoplasty and brow lift

In the preop session your surgeon will explain the incisions and expectations of the procedure. Video imaging would be useful. Postoperatively most patients are seen several times in the first two or three weeks and then several times thereafter until healing is complete.

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