How Far from my Ideal Weight Should I Be Before I Get Lipo Ex, So I Won't Need Liposuction?

I am 39 yr old (female) and am 40lbs over my goal weight. I was 55lbs over but just lost 15lbs last month. I am now eating healthy and exercising regularly. I carry most my weight in my belly. I am supposed to have lipo ex (not a beliver that it works yet) started in 3 weeks. Should I wait and lose more weight in order to get the best results or use this to get me closer to goal as I am scheduled for a tummy tuck in Dec and liposuction if needed. Can I get liposuction 2 months after lipo ex?

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Non Surgical Fat Removal

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There is no evidence published in any peer reviewed, scientific journals (The Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal) that external ultrasound or external radio-frequency has any clinical effect at reducing fat.  These devices have been shown to cause complications like cutaneous burns though. I do not recommend investing your time or money in something that is not likely to work, and more likely to harm you.

Because of the amount of your excess weight, you are not a good candidate for liposuction either.  You should get closer to your ideal weight before considering it. Because you state you were 55 lbs. overweight, and that you carried most of it in your mid-section, you may never be a good candidate for liposuction alone, and may need to have an abdominoplasty to get a satisfactory result instead.

You should really consult with surgeons certified by the ABPS, and who are also members of the ASAPS.  You will then get the most qualified individuals to assess what is most appropriate for you, and discuss your options most honestly.

Best of luck!

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