From LA to Nashville...looking for Great Surgeons

Hi, Just moved from LA to Nashville. I had Restylane under eyes w/Dr. Hoenig (loved results); looking for oculopls/specialist here in Nashville (no medspas for me!). I've heard Brent Moody is excellent and capable...other recommendations? Also looking for excellent surgeon for chin lipo or platysmaplasty. I've checked ASPS & ASOPRS (for eyes); I still feel lost I want only the best, but cannot afford the time or expense to travel back to LA. Who would you trust with your face? Thank you so much.

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I just wanted to let you know that we do not allow self-promotion or doctor referrals (from one doctor to another) on our site. I have included a link below (our Doctor Finder) that may help you with your research. Please take a minute to utilize our tool; it has helped many other women/men that are looking to find a board certified doctor for a certain treatment/procedure.

Hopefully this

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