Wanting A Replacement- From Implantech Terino Anatomical Extended to Normal Anatomical Extended? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old male, and I had an Implantech Terino anatomical extended medium implant put in a month ago. I'm not so happy with the result as it made my chin from the front view too wide. Used to have narrower chin with a bit of squareness. I'm now thinking of having it replaced with a normal implantech anatomical ext. med. implant My question is: Is this implant shape a good solution for a male as it's fully round? Will my chin be still slightly squared due to soft tissues or fully round?

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Chin Implant Modification/Exchange

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Every extended chin implant has long lateral wings or extensions. This will provide fullness to the side of the chin rather than to just the central part of the chin. Regardless of how a silicone chin implant is shaped, it will adapt to the shape of the underlying bone. So any extended implant will create the same effect you are altready seeing. What you have learned from the first implant placement is that this lateral fullness you do not like. Your next chin implant should be without the extensions or simply modify the implant that is in place to remove these extensions but keep a more central square shape. 

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