Aside from Another Botox Injection, What else Can I Do to Correct the Damage in my Face? The Injection Was in 2006.

My botox injections were in the forehead, temples, and upper jaw (below the nose). Now my skin is so wrinkled in those areas, eyelids drooped really bad, and huge eyebags formed below the outer part of my eyes.. I am so disgusted to look at my face in the mirror coz I look 20 years older than my real age..The more it made me so ugly...I do not want anymore injections in my face. I had applied different kinds of moisturizers but nothing helped.Please help me.It's so disgusting..Thanks ........Minda

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Aside from Another Botox Injection, What else Can I Do to Correct the Damage in my Face?

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Botox will only temporarily paralyze and relax the muscles and can typaclly last 3-4 months on most patients, Its best to schedule an in-person exam for further evaluation

Try autologus fat and plastma these are magic solutions healthieer, lasting and easiest way to rejeunesse

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please  autologus fat and plastma injectiions  these  are at office performance  with amazing and lasting  results  because in some way you are putting  stem cells to regenerate your own collagen

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Botox injections 7 years ago

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Botox is a temporary muscle paralyzer and I doubt very much that it caused what you claim. They sound like natural changes with age.  Best to be seen in person.

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Is Botox to Blame for Aging Changes?

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Although it is difficult to give any constructive advice without pictures, I can reassure you that Botox is not responsible for these aging changes.  Sun damage, hormonal changes, lifestyle factors (smoking), genetics, etc. all play a role in the way our face changes over time.  Until stem cell and/or genetic alterations are available, many of these aspects of the aging face can be ameliorated with treatments, but never stopped.  Botox has aesthetic effects for about 3-4 months , and then is metabolized by the body without ongoing sequellae.

Botox didn't do this to you, you have aged normally.

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Hello disappointedlady,

Thanks for your question.  The reality is that you have aged 7 years since your Botox injection.  Botox only temporarily freezes muscles.  It doesn't make wrinkles.  7 years is a lot of time in terms of facial aging.  There are several possible reasons for your current concerns: changes in weight (primarily weight loss), loss of bone in the skull, changes in the health of your teeth, normal skin thinning with collagen loss, history of smoking, genetics, etc.

90% of my surgical practice is related to facial plastic surgery.  I perform several hundred facelifts alone a year.  All of the patients who come to me feel just like you.  They feel that they are much younger on the inside than they look on the outside.  

My recommendation would be to find a plastic surgeon in your community who really understands facial aging and how to improve your looks holistically by addressing as many of the reasons for your situation as possible.

Botox is a great treatment for dynamic wrinkles, but that is all.  Your issues go beyond wrinkles to a more important issue, volume loss.  There are lots of ways to improve volume.  Make sure to do your homework.  

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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