Can I use onexton, Retin-A 0.08% and hydroquinone 4% daily?

I'm currently using onexton in the morning and retin a 0.08% at night. But I was recently prescribed hydroquinone 4% for dark spots on my face. Can I use these products together. If so, how?

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Topical medications

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Thank you for your question. Yes you can use all three medications together. In my opinion, I recommend applying hydroquinone to dark spots after the application of topical medications. I would give a few minutes for the medications to dry then spot treat with hydroquinone. However, be cautious and monitor your skin for any irritation because if you induce redness or irritation with the topical medications including hydroquinone, then you can cause further hyperpigmentation. I highly recommend you consult with a board certified dermatologist regarding your skin and treatment. Take care and good luck.

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