Inverted v deformity.

Can patient cause inverted v deformity to develop by moving head or somthing that would cause the cartilage to collapse after rhinoplasty? How soon after rhinoplasty inverted v deformity start to show? How can I tell if I'm developing it? Is there a way to examin my nose myself? I know I asked so many questions. I had open rhinoplasty 3 months and 2 weeks a go. I had it done oversees so I won't be able to have my nose examined by my surgeon. Thanks

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Inverted V deformity after rhinoplasty

The "inverted V" deformity forms after rhinoplasty if a large dorsal hump is removed and spreader grafts were not placed. This is a common error and is largely preventable. Try not to spend so much time worrying about if something will happen. Please continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon, who can go over how you are healing currently and what to expect in the coming months.

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