6 Day Post-op Breast Lift W/fluid in Upper Pole of Right Breast?

I am very concerned about having a seroma because I have had one before after lipo. My PS said it should be ok after the drain were removed.

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Fluid after breast lift

If you still have the drain in, that should take care of the fluid.  If not and the collection is small it may resolve on its own.  If it persists, your surgeon can drain it.  Good luck.

Fluid in breast

Do you still have the drain in?  Often if it is a small amount, the body will absorb it.  Check with your doc.

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Breast Lift With Fluid In Upper Pole of Breast at 6 Days Postop

     If you have fluid in your breast,  have your plastic surgeon examine you.  If the drain is still in place, make sure the drain is still functional.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Breast Lift W/fluid in Upper Pole of Right Breast

I don't quite follow the narrative here. I can't tell why you suspect fluid, and I am not sure if you still have a drain in place. If you still do have fluid, and have a drain, the drain is not helping in the area in question. 

Without some further clarification it will be hard to offer useful suggestions other than following up with your surgeon, who knows what you had done, and has followed your recovery. Thanks, best wishes. 

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