Very Frightened I Shifted a Medpor Implant. No Infection Suspected, but Continual Edema/scar Tissue, W/ Capillary Damage.Advice?

I will see my surgeon,so he can look at it, but long story short,at 6 wks post-op, I am afraid & injured/shifted a rotated medpor implant in my tip. Nose was jerked down, swelled up pink in nose & purple at base. Went away in a week. 6 wks post accident, septum rigid,scar tissue, edema or both is wrapped around nose. This was open revision rhino & nose was finally mostly unswelled. What are my options? I'm worried the swelling will never stop now & the scarring is permanent in jiggered implant.

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Nothing to do but wait after rhinoplasty.

I can't tell you whether or not there is a significant problem. Short of an infection, your plastic surgeon will encourage you to wait and allow the swelling to subside.

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Medpore implant problems

See your surgeon since he/she know where the implant was placed and can best address the problem.  Donald R. Nunn  MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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