Breast Reduction a year ago, one nipple didn't survive, is reconstruction a option?

I recently had a breast reduction a little over a year ago and unfortunately one of my nipples didn't survive and I am still devasted. I wanted to know if nipple reconstruction would be an option? Also I still have feeling/sensation where the nipple should be and also it hard where the nipple should be. Would the nipple be under the skin? My doctor did an excellent job on my breast but I just want to feel normal again.

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Nipple reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is quite possible and is a very common procedure used for patients that have had treatment for breast cancer. There are several excellent techniques that can provide great cosmetic natural results. It sounds like you are pleased with your surgeon. Most likely he/she knows how to help you and you just need to discuss it with him/her.

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Nipple reconstruction

Hello and thank you for posting your question. It is unfortunate that one of your nipples didn't survive and I know it must be hard dealing with only having 1 now. The good news is that nipple reconstruction is VERY possible and there are MANY different methods of going about reconstructing the nipple areola complex. Women who have had breast cancer and reconstruction typically need to have their nipple areolar complexes reconstructed because their nipples have to be removed during a mastectomy. The procedure used will be dependent on your plastic surgeon's preferred method. If you don't want to under go a surgical procedure there are some very good places that can perform 3-D nipple tattoos that look pretty real! I know its tough but stay positive! Visit with a couple of board certified plastic surgeons who do plenty of nipple reconstructions. Hope this helps!

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Nipple reconstruction

Hi, thanks for your question.

The nipple can certainly be reconstructed. Typically this is done by creating a nipple with skin flaps and then tattooing an areola on, but a skin graft can also be placed as the areola with or without tattooing. Your best next step is to consult with a plastic surgeon so that he/she can discuss these options. 

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Nipple reconstruction after breast reduction

nipple reconstruction after nipple necrosis can certainly be reconstructed. The areola can be tattooed and the nipple itself reconstructed with local flaps from the breast mound. Make sure to have this done by a board certified plastic surgeon, who can discuss the risks with you.

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