Best option for thigh lift? Massive weight loss of over 230lbs (Photo)

Can my thighs be treated in a single operation? I have had 2 consults which suggest liposuction and waiting months before a full thigh lift. I have had several skin surgeries over the past year and don't want to have 2 more surgeries. I know I will never have small legs and would like to retain my curves but fix the skin and saddlebag area of my hips, knees, and thighs. What are my best options? I am in California and hope to find a surgeon here to do the work.

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Still too Heavy

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You either get aggressive liposuction first or loose more weight before a thigh lift is attempted. Performing this surgery when there is still too much fat leads to a higher risk of infection, seroma, scaring, and poor aesthetic outcome. Best of luck!

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