New Swelling 2 weeks after mini lift and blepharoplasty?

Mini facelift and lower blepharoplasty 2 weeks ago. Smooth recovery. Since sutures removed, open sores and bleeding above ear. Today I have very, very swollen lower eyelids and upper cheeks 2 weeks post surgery! Look like Mama Elsa RHOM (botched facelift that left her eyes and face very swollen)! I'm concerned, as swelling should be improving, rather than worsening? Why would swelling be worsening rather than improving at 2 weeks post op? Thank you much

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How about a photograph?

It would be very helpful to see a photograph that demonstrates your concerns.  Sometimes the only thing mini about mini face lifts is the word "mini."  It is more marketing concept to sweet talk you into having surgery but the work done is still a facelift and these really take months to heal.  In some cases, swelling like you are describing are from resuming activities too early.  See your surgeon, follow their recommendation, and consider posting your photos here.

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Late swelling following facelifts

as you describe requires that you contact your surgeon.  Photos or an exam is required to help determine whether this is serious or not.  And when given the choice between the bleacher docs here or your own surgeon, your own surgeon is preferred ALL the time.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Normal Postoperative Swelling Following Facial Plastic Surgery Can Get Better and Worse

While it is true that swelling does get better over time, people definitely have their good days and their bad days.  What you are describing is not terribly uncommon and does not sound like anything to be concerned about.  Things to think about other than the normal swelling that can occur on and off after surgery would be an allergic reaction to something, or much less likely, an infection.  I would give your surgeon's office a call and have them take a quick peek.  Again, it's likely that this is nothing that you need to worry about but if I were your surgeon I would want to take a look at it.  Good luck.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Swelling after surgery

Your swelling should continue to improve at this point.  New swelling may indicate an infection especially if you have an open area at the ear.  Need to see our surgeon for possible antibiotics and to evaluate what may be causing this.    

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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