I just turned 18 and went from a E cup to a C

Hi im 18 years old and 124lbs 5'4, my breast where E cup and went down to a c cup, the saggin is the thing that bothers me, plusplus all the stretch marks etc, this started about a year ago, i didnt loose any weight ive been around 120lbs since i was 12 years old, but i do have high depression and anxiety, do you know what was the cause and how to grow it back? Its been making me very insecure They keep shrinking, and they feel flat? Like deflated theres no firmness

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Breasts rarely just shrink on their own

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and if your weight is stable and there are no pregnancies involved with these changes, you should see your doctor about other potential causes.  Once you are cleared of any serious condition, surgery can be done to help perk your breasts up but they come with costs, scarring, and risks that you must accept to have this procedure done.

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Breast Deflation

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Thank you for your question. Weight loss and pregnancy can change breast firmness and shape. As well, it is not uncommon for larger breasts to sag more over time. Cup sizing is not standardized so you may find that you fit a wide range of bra sizes depending on the manufacturer. I recommend that you meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon if you would like to discuss breast augmentation or a breast lift procedure.
All the best

Loss in breast size coupled with breast sagging at young age

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Thank you for your question Jasmine.

It is difficult to be experiencing significant breast drooping at such a young age, but you are not alone. A large number of women have similar concerns.

Current research highlights the following as risk factors (D.O.I: 10.1097/SAP.0b013e3181c39377):
·         Greater age ·         History of significant weight loss (>50 pounds) ·         Higher BMI ·         Large bra cup size ·         Pregnancy ·         Smoking

As women age, the Cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue that helps breasts keep their shape- stretches out. Aging also causes breasts to transform into having more fat rather than breast tissue making them less perky and making them appear deflated.

Although you cannot control the natural aging and sagging effects, or a genetic link, factors such as weight fluctuation, BMI, and smoking are in your control.

In fact, maintaining a healthy weight is important because the higher the ratio of fat to breast tissue within your breast, the increased risk of breast sagging. Having a healthy diet will also be protective of aging effects.

Also, please note that breast sagging worsens with the number of pregnancies you have, and that neither greater weight gain during pregnancy or breast-feeding is found to be associated with a higher risk of breast sagging.

Additionally, there are many health fitness magazines and fitness trainers that propagate the claim that participation in regular upper body exercise prevents or corrects sagging. However, there is still no evidence of a protective effect. However, it is recommended to wear sports bra during exercise because the constant pull of gravity and the excessive movement during running can stretch the breast tissue possibly leading to sagging.

From all the factors, a large bra-cup size seems relevant to you and that is related to a genetic link.

Please visit your family doctor to discuss about depression and anxiety as this may accelerate aging effects. They may refer you to a psychiatrist and you may be offered drug therapy, or cognitive-behavioural therapy along with meditation training.

Having said all this, I urge you to seek a board-certified plastic surgeon to have a consultation for a breast lift and a breast augmentation. A breast lift can raise your breasts, and if you want the same E cup size, breast augmentation is needed. An in-person consultation and exam will allow the surgeon to address your concerns.

It is likely that you will eventually require another breast lift if you choose to have children in the future, but I think you will see a profound improvement at your age.

Hope this helps

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Breast reduction

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Only implants placed under the muscle will enlarge the size of your breasts. Don't expect a large enlargement of your breasts from new tissue development

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