I need help deciding how many veneers to get! Please help! (photos)

I've decided on veneers to enhance my smile. However there is a slight snag. I've already had braces (and definitely don't want them again) and unfortunately ONE tooth (the pointy one next to my lateral incisors (my right side) has moved slightly back over the years, making it out of alignment with the surrounding teeth. My cosmetic dentist thinks I'll be happier with 10 veneers instead of 4. Is there any way around having to get 10 veneers because of ONE tooth that's slightly pushed back??

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Ten porcelain #veneers #DrSoftTouch

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I would highly recommend 10 porcelain veneers across the top to achieve the best esthetic result.  This will broaden your smile and allow you to change the shape, size and shade of your teeth. At the end of the day, the choice is yours! It's important to select an experienced cosmetic dentist that really knows what they are doing. The best indicator to determine if the dentist is going to give you the results that he/she claims, is by viewing before and after photos of his/her patients that have undergone similar or the same procedures. I'll link a before/after photo of a patient of mine who's smile was transformed using ten porcelain veneers. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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VENEERS to change shape , size and form

Well, this type of situations , like yours , require a more effective solution, its not only veneers, you need a gum contour , to make amore even smile, the layout could be better with 10 veneers, and to change shape, size and even color. you will love your smile , and you will get a great result. see when you smile that your lip is high , and you show gum, this is a big thing to consider if you want to have a great layout. and the smile you always wanted.

Do 10

As you have decided to proceed with veneers, you should definitely have 10 veneers done. Please consider a combination of  no-preparation and minimal-preparation veneers as you can broaden your smile without taking away good healthy enamel from your lateral incisors, canines and premolars. Since your lateral incisors are very small compared to your central incisors, I would recommend minimal preparation on your central incisors so that they could be made smaller while making the no-prep lateral incisors bigger and then the proportions will be correct. Since your upper Arch is constricted in the canine and premolar area it makes perfect sense to do no-prep veneers which will add porcelain to those teeth in effect widening your smile.


Your smile can certainly be enhanced more with veneers. Generally the more even and symmetrical the smile is the better the esthetic outcome. I believe the 10 veneers may have been suggested to you because of the number of teeth you show when you smile. You can evaluate yourself in front of a mirror or simply video yourself when talking, laughing etc, to see how many teeth you show, which can you give you a better evaluation method. Then consult with your dentist about it. Whichever number of veneers you choose, please make sure that your dentist and yourself take the time to pre design the veneers and make a study model of your future outcome in order for you both to have the same goals.

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Porcelain venners

I agree with your dentist.  You have a narrow arch or what we call a tunnel smile.  Therefore, to create a  symmetry,  your dentist has to bring out the back teeth with porcelain.  You will not be happy with the result if you do 4 veneers.If  finance is a problem, just wait til you can afford it and do it right.  
Good luck.  

Too few veneers ruins a smile

While one COULD argue for fewer than 10 veneers, you will have many "compromises" to deal with, including metamerism, shade matching, proportions, etc.

The rule of thumb is to veneer "whatever shows" when you smile.  Usually, people desire a whiter color, so the shade difference will be obvious.  Even if trying to stay the same shade, in certain light the teeth will not match.

The choice is obviously yours, but anything less than 10 is a compromise.

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10 vs. 4 veneers

I completely agree with your dentist. You really need 10 veneers to make a positive impact on your smile. Your arch is narrow and there is a lack of symmetry. Doing 4 veneers is really not going to accomplish anything. I suggest either going back into braces or doing the 10 veneers. 

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