What can I do to get a "Hollywood" smile? Can braces or something else move my teeth out further?

I had double jaw surgery - pushing back both my upper and lower jaws almost 30 years ago. Of course doing that pushed my teeth farther back. To me I have no lip support and my teeth are way back, so you can't see them even when smiling. I pretty much have perfect teeth now and jaw alignment but I want my teeth out further, or maybe bigger? Can braces or something else move my teeth out further? Any suggestions.. I have even thought about false teeth. Thanks

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Your smile

Thanks for sending your question. Often when teeth are removed and the jaw is pushed back further issues such as yours arise. Its fair to say that often using cosmetic procedure like Veneers you can enhance your teeth by changing the dimensions of the teeth. This procedure requires the expertise of someone who is very well experienced with cosmetic dentistry. We often enhance our patients smiles by use of numerous models and exact communication with our patients to find out the exact needs. Use of mock up models can greatly enhance your final outcome. Please make sure that you take time to discuss your needs with your provider and make sure he is adequately trained in cosmetic dentistry.All the best,

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