Is fat grafting a good option for breast reconstruction? What's the best technique to look for?

Curently have expanders in. I don't want a foreign object and didn't know fat grafting was an option.

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Fat grafting in breast reconstruction

is best for minor volume changes and repairing contour irregularities.  If you wanted A or small B cups, its conceivable fat grafting could be used.  But if you wanted anything else, you need implants or autogenous tissue transfers to create the volume you desire.

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Is fat grafting a good option for breast reconstruction? What's the best technique to look for?

Fat transfer is wonderful in breast reconstruction and can be used as a supplement in many ways. It is not the standard of care for the entire breast to be reconstructed with fat. Some people are doing that but it is a very long and involved process for the average surgeon because multiple devices are needed to make this happen and several sessions of fat transfer. But, I use it all the time with implants to help with soft tissue coverage and overall appearance of the reconstructed breast.



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Fat grafting as an option for breast reconstruction

Although fat grafting is typically used to fine tune a breast reconstruction, it can be used as the sole form of reconstruction.  You will need multiple surgeries to reconstruct your breast in this way.  Since you already have expanders in, probably the best way to accomplish this would be by grafting and gradually decreasing your expanded volume with each surgery.  Eventually the expanders can be removed altogether and your muscle repaired.  Good luck!  

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Implant Based Reconstruction

Fat grafting is a beneficial procedure for breast reconstruction patients, but not for gaining breast volume.

Once the expanders are out and the implants are placed we generally evaluate the results in 3-4 months.  At this point, fat grafting can be performed to help improve the contour and shape of the breast.  The amount of fat that is grafted is minimal and general results in minimal volume change.  It is mainly performed to help with rippling and contour deformities.

Fat grafting to help prevent implant placement in breast reconstruction patients is not really a viable option.

Hope that helps.

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Fat grafting for breast reconstruction

Yes, fat grafting is an option for breast reconstruction. Recommend an evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for this.  You will need several sessions of fat grafting to reconstruct the breast. Best, Dr. Yegiyants 

Sara Yegiyants, MD, FACS
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