Doctor change my implant profile. What should I do?

During the consultation doc n I agreed to do a 600cc Sili high pro since I wanted to go into larger size. Thought he only mention a bit about chest wall. Everything was settled. On the day of my surgery doc asked me to recall the cc n the profile. I recalled it 600cc shp, then he said everything was correct.After the surgery I friends told me my boobs r too small.I looked at the card, it said something different.I was mad so I followed up with only first appt. No after that. What should I do?

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Talk with your doctor

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If this was your first augmentation, we typically use sizers to estimate the possible size we could use. Sizes aren't guaranteed, as they may look very different after placement. It depends on the look you expect and trust in your doctor. 600cc is on the larger end for a first augmentation, and would only often look good if you are tall/ larger framed, previously had a pregnancy and have a larger skin envelope, or if you had a previous augmentation. Often when we place sizers or implants in surgery we find that we have to slightly increase or decrease our final size from the preop measurements. 

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