Would a Belly Button Revision help and what is the price range? (photos)

It's been a little over a year and I am still not happy with my belly button. It is huge. I am not comfortable showing anyone. I asked the surgeon about it at around the 7 month mark. He said something like thats how my belly button looked before but I couldn't tell because of the lose skin. I'd like to know if anything can be done to make it look a little smaller and how much it would be.

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BB revision

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Based on your photos you would definitely benefit from BB revision. It can be made smaller. and better looking. Liposuction of abdominal area should be considered as well. 

You need to find a surgeon with good experience in this type of surgery since this may be a very challenging project. Good luck.

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Would a Belly Button Revision help and what is the price range?

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I don't like to criticize other surgeons work.  I find looking at the surgeons pictures prior to the surgery is essential in knowing what you will get.  I always spend an adequate amount of time showing my patients what are typical results.  It appears that some skin from your abdomen was removed to make room for your umbilicus.  When this is done is can be quite hard to fix because any procedure done typically stretches out over time.  I have not had much success fixing these when patients come in from outside.  

Belly Button Revision

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I'm sorry to hear of your problem. Your surgeon gave you a very bad answer. It was his job to make it look better, not "like it was". This usually shows a lack of experience. Unfortunately it is a very hard problem to correct. See some local consultants with extensive experience in TTs for advice and fee quotes. Costs vary so much around the country that anything other than a local quaote will not be meaningful to you. Good luck. 

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