Do I NEED (SARPE) surgery? Will braces alone expand me a little? (photos)

1stOrtho says my smile is narrow and I need (SARPE).I dont feel like my pallet is narrow enough to NEED SARPE but how doyou argue with a ortho? I went to an O.S that said he didn't think my case was bad enough but I could still benifit from sarpe.I'm sure the surgery would IMPROVE my smile but would it be a $30,000 difference? 2ndOrtho said that I'm not a surgical case, he could expand me with the arch wire and elastics.3rdOrtho said I could wear an expander to fix the crowding and just braces. Thank you

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You would definitely benefit from a little arch development but why spend $30,000 and go through the trauma of surgery when you can do it non-surgically and at a fraction of the cost? A simple, removable arch development appliance will give you all the arch development you will need and definitely give you a broader, more beautiful smile.

Good luck!

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