Latisse on vitiligo? (photo)

Have a white patch in inner thigh since newborn. I'm premature born in Haiti, back in 1985 they used light bulbs instead of incubators. Mom is convinced that i got burned w/light bulb since i wasn't born w/lesion which appeared 2 weeks after. Nurses denied burn. I think it's vitiligo. Never got a clear diagnosis. I'm now 31 it never spread instead slowly repigmenting . Vitiligo or burn, can i use latisse to speed it up? The photo you see used to be achromic patch about size of round hotel soaps.

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Most likely this won't work but you never know!

Latisse is generally most successful for repigmentation of vitiligo when there is hair growth potential in or near the area.  That doesn't mean that this is impossible but it is less likely to result in success.  Good luck!

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