Will My Laser Hair Removal Burns Scar? (photos)

Today I went to do laser hair removal on my legs. This is my 3rd session and I never had a problem before. However, right after the treatment I noticed blisters and a burning pain on one of my legs. Only my hip area on one leg got these burns and I can't determine why. Some have small pockets of water while the others look like scabs. Will these scar? I'm going back to the technician tomorrow for upper body. What should my protocol be? Should I continue since something like this happened?

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LHR burns (Laser hair removal burns)

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You shouldn't get treated tomorrow. The burns need addressing and the reason behind them. You have a dark skin type which makes hair removal a bit more difficult. You need to start wound care to minimize scarring and PIH. I would use Biafine and start hydroquinone/Retin A as the blister heal. I would question the experience of the provider and did they have an appropriate laser for your skin type. I would use a 1064 laser for your skin color.

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Laser hair removal

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Thank you for your question vjohan. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Laser hair removal can treat various areas on the body. Often times settings are adjusted from one session to another. If the settings are too strong, blisters can form. These can heal with good would care. PIH can be treated with products such as hydroquinone, if necessary. If something new was used an allergic reaction is possible. For example a different gel or numbing cream. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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