Free Tummy Tuck

this might be a really dumb question but.... i really need a tummy tuck. i wanted to know if any plastic surgeons might consider doing one for free. its ok to hope right? i know what your thinking (its not really necessary) but it really is. its taken a tole on me mentally. i will never take my shirt off(in a guy) i think about my stitch marks 24 hours a day. and i cant really pay for cosmetic surgery because i work at a retail store and get paid 7.50 an hour (im still in school so i work part time)

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"Free" Tummy Tuck

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I do not thnk you will find a surgeon who will perform your tummy tuck for free.  While you feel like you deserve it, this is a cosmetic procedure and no one is entitled to it. Unfortunately, there are many things that we want but cannot afford. Many surgeons will perform pro bono cases, but these are usually reserved for cases of deformities after abuse, accidents, birth defects, or burns. Perhaps you can find a plastic surgery training program in your area in which resident perform the surgery for highly discounted fees.

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