One of my Free Nipple Grafts Partially Failed- How Can I Correct This?

One of my free nipple grafts partially failed so that only about half the areola took and no nipple. What are my options to correct this?

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Nipple reconstruction

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There are a number of good options for reconstructing a nipple and areola that has been lost after surgery.  However, I would suggest that you wait approximately six months, following your original surgery, to allow the remaining areola to heal and establish a new blood supply.  After that amount of time, it should be safe to proceed with a reconstruction with either skin grafts or tattooing for the areolar and either local flaps or injectable fillers for the nipple.

Nipples can be reconstructed

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This is a problem that is sometimes seen with free nipple grafting.  Free nipple grafting is usually done in breast reductions that require lifting the nipples long distances to get them in the correct position.  Usually it is reserved for cases in which the surgeon believes the nipples wouldn't survive if left attached.  Your nipple can be repaired in a number of different ways.  Options include skin grafting from the other nipple or other sites, pigmentation with tatoo, and local flaps for the nipple.  What will work best for you depends on your skin type and how big of an area needs to be reconstructed.

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