Panniculectomy, Hernia Repair & Muscle Separation. Wouldnt That Be Similar to a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I have a set of twins who are almost 3 years old. I gained 53 lbs with my pregnancy, & lost ALL of it within 10 days of delivery.I now have a pannus, hernia & a lot of muscle separation.I am supposed to be getting a panniculectomy. But, where i need a hernia repair and my muscles pulled back, what will they do? I am 5 ft 1, 145 lbs (i am on a strict exercise regime) I trying to get to 130 lbs.

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Differences between a Tummy Tuck and Panniculectomy

There are significant differences between a panniculectomy and a standard tummy tuck. A panniculectomy involves the removal of skin and fat only. The resulting scar is located along the lower abdomen.

A standard tummy tuck includes the panniculectomy, but also tightens the rectus abdominis muscles from the xiphoid process (bottom of the chest bone) to the pubic bone. If you have any hernias, these can be repaired when the tummy tuck is performed. An incision is also made around the belly button to allow for the the skin above the belly button to be stretched and tightened to the level of the lower abdominal incision. So, ultimately for a full tummy tuck to occur, you should have a lower abdominal incision, as well as an incision around your belly button.

Based on your photos, it appears that you would benefit the most from a tummy tuck. Your abdomen will continue to protrude if you undergo the panniculectomy alone.

Thank you for your question and photos. Best of Luck!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

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