Need weight loss surgery, should I get the gastric sleeve before TT and hysterectomy or can I do it at same time? (photos)

I have been battling with my weight for yrs. Im 50, breast cancer survivor 6 yrs. I have massive fibroids and cysts around my ankles and various other places on my body. I need weight loss surgery, considering the sleeve but i need a hysterectomy as well. I would like an arm lift. I suffer from fibromyalgia, back pains and joint pain. What would you recommend and in what order. I have medicare a and b, and kaiser Permanente high option. Please help!

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Always lose weight before having other procedures done

Your best option is to have the weight loss surgery first.  This will make it easier to do the hysterectomy later.  It will dramatically change your need for plastic surgery, and improve the quality of the operation that your plastic surgeon can do for you.

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