How long will it take to completely remove the birthmark? (photo)

I had a big unsight birthmark on my belly. I used to go the dermatology center in my country to heal. But it seem doesn't work - 13 times I removed my birthmark.

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Birthmark Removal -- Tattoo Laser

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Sometimes tattoo lasers can be tried but often for these types of birth marks only are mildly effective. Try picosecond technology. Best, Dr. Emer

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Birthmark and lasers

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Firstly a diagnosis needs to be made... is this a CALM or a Becker's ? I don't know, close examination history and touch will tell. 

If its a Becker's I discourage lasers as this type of birthmark is extremely hard to treat. If this is a CALM, 70% will respond to QSL - I would like to see more specialist try the PICOWAY, as my Picosure at 532 filtered does not have the power. Hence I still treat CALMS successfully with nanosecond 532.

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Dr Davin Lim
Brisbane, Australia.
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