Do I have optical bystopia? (Photo)

I have noticed over the last few years that it looks like my eyes keep getting more and more uneven. They were never like this when I was younger. I just found out that I'm two months pregnant and since I've found out it looks like my right eye (the eye that has bangs on that side) has gone further in the socket. My left eye is a lot further down in the socket. My self esteem is really being affect by this. What can't I do about it and will it get worse if I don't do anything about it?

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Change in eye position

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I believe you mean dystopia, which in the context of your question means abnormal positioning of the globe. Your case is not cosmetic and this is not the proper forum for discussing it. There are several, very serious conditions that can be causing the gradual, asymmetric change in globe position and you may need imaging and blood work for a proper workup. The differential diagnosis is extensive and includes: vascular malformations (e.g. capillary hemangioma, AV malformation, etc.), inflammatory diseases, cystic lesions, neoplasms (lacrimal gland, nerve sheath, neurofibroma, lymphoma, muscle, metastatic, etc.). Many of these pathologies can worsen with pregnancy. Do you have head aches, decreased visual acuity, double-vision, etc? This may be very serious. seek consultation from your doctor or ophthalmologist without further delay.

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