Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile? (photo)

I am 24 years old, 5'2 and 100lbs. I have been wanting breast augmentation for the longest time in hopes that I could achieve a more round full look. I went to a great PS who advised that I should have a lift around the areola to make it tighter along with a 275cc silicone implant moderate profile under the muscle. He thinks the lift would help decrease the chance of a double bubble appearance and give me a better shape.

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Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile?

Hi... thank you for the question and photos... you can have great results with a 275cc moderate profile, i do not suggest any kind of lift on you. 

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Seek a plastic surgeon's opinion.

A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation and can evaluate you in person will give you the best idea of what technique, procedure, and implant size can help you attain the look you want. A lift is often performed to release constricted tissue when performing breast augmentation on tuberous breasts, but again, an in-person evaluation would be needed to say for sure, as your degree of constriction is not pronounced.

Ricardo A. Meade, MD
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Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile?

In my opinion, you are not at risk for a double bubble deformity. You do have a mildly constricted breast and should obtain very nice results with breast augmentation. A donut mastopexy can also be added to decrease areolar size and help to flatten the areola if you so desire. The areola usually do flatten several months after augmentation alone, but the mastopexy is needed if you want to decrease areolar size. You should do well either way. The decision you need to make is if you want the size of your areola to be smaller or not. Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in these procedures.  

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Breast augmentation for constricted breasts

It's hard to give you an exact answer without seeing you first, but based upon your photos it looks like your constriction isn't too severe.  Therefore, on patients similar to you I have released the constriction and placed the implants through the same incision underneath the breast without needing a lift.

Thank you for your question!

Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon

Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
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Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile? (photo)

Thank you for your question and photos. When deciding to have surgery, you should be comfortable with your doctor and his staff members. You should be confident that all your questions have been answered in a manner that you understand. You should understand what breast augmentation can do for you and what it cannot do. You should be aware of the potential risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery. It is important to see a #Board #Certified #Plastic #Surgeon who #specializes in #Constricted #breasts for an evaluation and a customized plan for you. Best wishes!

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Constricted Breasts

Your photos demonstrate possible mild signs of constricted breasts. Breast augmentation technique in patients with all types of constricted breasts differ, depending on the degree of constricted breasts. Hard to predict if bottoming out or double bubble will occur. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience with constricted breasts. Good luck

Robert M. Tornambe, MD
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Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile?

Great question you have minimal breast tissue, and I have achieved great results with a IMF incision with a moderate implant placed in a dual plane technique , I would advice against a peri areola lift at this point, your areola s may end up a little larger than average but IMO better than a scar and sensitivity issues, double bubble should be a non issue from a surgeon that feels comfortable with a constricted breast. Good luck!!

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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Constricted breasts, what are the best options for me to have a more round shape and what implant size/profile?

275 cc sounds small to me. But only in person examination would allow a response, seek more consultations. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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May not need lift

If you do not mind a bit larger areola then just implants are fine. 275cc fine. You can always decrease the areola later if you do this a permanent suture is often used which may fail over time. The key is to look for a board certified plastic surgeon who can discuss the options with you and earn your trust. Good Luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Breasts augmentation with areola reduction

Dear Summer,
       Thanks for submitting your pictures. From observing your pictures, your breasts appear to be small A cup size with large  herniating areola . So you have only part of the presentation of tubular breasts. You also have very wide cleavage.
 The best solution for your condition is breasts augmentation and circum areola reduction (donut)  with sub areola entry incision for the sub muscular pocket. This approach , in the right surgical hands,  will give you beautiful perky breasts with nice cleavage (since it is made under direct vision and feel) and smaller , flat, natural looking areolas. 
  Having only breasts augmentation without the purse string areola reduction, will result in larger areola (due to the stretching from the implants) and the herniation will be more noticeable.
 You do not have to worry about double bubble because your breasts are quite perky and the fold has to be lowered, only,  minimally. Double bubble occur when the fold is lowered excessively and it does not stretch due to it's stiffness.
  As far as implants size, you did not provide your chest circumference measurement in inches, which is critical for the correct implants size selection according to your wishful desire.
   Let's assume that presently you are 32 small A cup size. To become 32 full C cup size (very nice and natural and most popular), you will need implants with a volume of 375 cc.
  Remember that not all results are the same, because experience, skills and aesthetic eye are critical for good outcome. So, do your due diligence and choose wisely.
   Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of breasts augmentation with areola reduction (like mini lift) in accredited surgery center for your safety. Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking.
                                Best of luck,
                                                  Dr Widder

Shlomo Widder, MD
McLean Plastic Surgeon
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