Peel to Lighten or Remove Freckles?

Okay so I have dark freckles on my body and lips. Also I light tan freckles on my face and eyelids. I was wondering what peel would be good to help completely remove the freckles or atleast lighten. I have tried hydroquinine and exfoliating it didn't help much or at all. If I can't use a peel on my eyelids or lips may I get suggestions of what I can use to lighten the freckles I have on those areas.Also what are other options for freckle removal and can I get a general cost for the surgeries?

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Removing Freckles via Peels versus Fraxel Laser

It sounds like you have a significant amount of freckles and sun damage that hydroquinones and peels will not be able to remove.  I would consult a board certified physician to have Fraxel (1927) performed with a great deal of experience in Fraxel.   For broader sun damage you should have more effective results.

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Lightening freckles

Thank you for your question! It sounds like you would benefit from and IPL or laser treatment series to lighten/reduce your freckles. Although peels are helpful in evening out skin tone it takes much longer to achieve the same results you can get with laser treatments. Make sure you are wearing sunscreen all of the time and protecting your face from direct sun exposure. If you don't take care of your skin after your treatments it is possible for your freckles to get dark again. You will need to research and find a trusted laser technician before you book an appointment to assure you are getting the safest and most beneficial treatment.

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