Fraxel 6 Weeks Ago and Skin Looks Melted. Dr. Said It Should Smooth Out?

I had fraxl 6 weeks ago and Dr went deep under my eyes. They are still very red and the skin looks "melted ". Dr said it will smooth out . Should I be worried? Also my neck is still splotchy red.

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Concerns about healing after laser resurfacing

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WIthout a photograph and more information about your treatment it is impossible to say whether or not you are healing at an appropriate rate.  Patients commonly refer to "Fraxel" as if it is a specific type of treatment.  It is not.  Fraxel is the name brand of a line of lasers much like Mercedes or Ford are brand names of automobile manufacturers but do not refer to specific vehicle models.  Some Fraxel lasers treat aggressively while others less so.  Fraxel has also become something of a generic name similar to Kleenex, a name people sometimes use when referring to any brand of facial tissue.  So to answer your question I would need more information about which laser was used, what type of settings were used and, at the very least, a photograph of your current appearance.

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