Dark Spots 2 Days After Fraxel Scar Treatment Normal?

Hi, I recently had fraxel scar treatment 2 days back and my skin is very dry and it has VERY UGLY DARK APOTS all over my cheeks and my both cheeks look even more darker than usual. is it normal will it fade away how long will it take to fade away or i have to consult my doctor

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Fraxel and dark cheeks

It is common to develop dark patches, especially over the cheeks, a few days after Fraxel Re:store treatments.  It is called bronzing.  Wash gently and keep your skin moisturized and it will peel off in another few days.  It is very important to avoid the sun afterwards to prevent brown patches of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Your skin will feel very smooth after the peeling stops. 

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Dark Spots temporary after Fraxel

Thanks for your question.  The tiny dark spot that you see in the treated area correspond to the fraxel treatment beams. They should disappear within the first 3 or 4 day after treatment depending on the the settings used. I bet it will look fantastic. Hope this helps.  Dr. Elizabeth Piantanida, Skin MD

Elizabeth Piantanida, MD
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Dark spots 2 days after Fraxel

  It is ALWAYS advisable to consult with your own doctor.  Sending your question to this forum is bound to produce varying answers and confusion.  Good luck!

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