I Had Fraxel Yesterday and Am Wondering What the Risk Are of Going on a Slow Run?

Why is it bad to engage in exercise within three days of a fraxel treatment? I'd like to go for a slow run where it is highly unlikely I would even sweat,

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Running after Fraxel

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You should ask the physician where you had your treatment, because it depends on which type of Fraxel you had.  With the Fraxel Dual, you would probably be more red and swollen than if you had not run, but most likely no permanent damage.  If you had Fraxel re:pair, I wouldn't advise running in the first week because your skin should be healed before exposing it to sweat and possibly dirt.  In all cases, you should protect your skin from the sun with a hat and sunblock (when your skin is healed and your physician ok's it).

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