Holes and Marks After Fraxel and Clairol 7th Stage Creme Hair Lightener - Advice?

I Had Fraxel Done 3 Years Ago and 2 Days After my Third Fraxel Sesssion I Put Clairol 7th Stage Creme Hair Lightener with 20 volume developer and activators on my face for 5 minutes. It's something used for hair on the Head. I had in the past several times put it all over my face to make sure my facial hair was bleached. Well in 5 minutes I got Holes and marks all over my face. I then went back and did many more Fraxel Sessions which didnt do much to fix the Holes. Then I tried sticking on Micropore 3m Tape over the Holes then after it looks perfect but they come back. Is this ok?

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